Prayer Days | The New Normal

GOD BLESS AMERICA!  We have prayer proclamations going around our nation from the White House to Governor Mansions.  We have live prayer and hope on social media and television.  Is this the new normal?

I love it.  Alaskan Governor Dunleavy hosted a live prayer event online today and was joined by Rev. Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse.  They prayed for God’s protection over our state residents and healthcare workers, plus many other virus fighting strategies.  Numerous other faith leaders were also united in prayers for healing and safety over Alaska, the nation, and the world.

State of Alaska Map – © Can Stock Photo / rusak

To date we have 246 reported cases of COVID-19 in our great state of Alaska and sadly, 8 deaths.  Over 7,000 residents have been tested, until they ran out of swabs.  Our governor sent out the word for the manufacture of more swabs and other supplies that Alaska is lacking right now.  See, we don’t make much of what we need locally.  Nearly all goods are shipped here through Seattle.  Maybe that is about to change.

Praise God, now swabs are presently being manufactured in-state.  Praise God again for giving us capable leadership in times of crisis and responsive businesses that step up when called.

President Trump also held a prayer event in our nation’s capital today.  Of course there are protests that our Constitution is now in grave jeopardy of imploding from this lack of separation of church and state, but Governor Dunleavy wisely pointed out that Alaska is not willing to overlook one single resource in its fight to defeat the corona virus.

Finally!  Politicians with common sense!  Yes, and we’ve been praying for that too – for quite some time.

Thank You, LORD, for answered prayers.

Seriously, when are they going to teach our kids Constitutional truth in school?  Oh wait!  Now might be the perfect time to fix this.

In case some readers are homeschooling your children at this writing, be sure they learn that separation of church from state means that the national rulers cannot mandate a certain church as the one and only legit church in the country just because that ruler says so.  That is how it used to be in Europe and was a huge reason our forefathers immigrated to America, fought the British, and established the USA.  It absolutely does not mean that God should not be a part of our governance or culture.  Prayer should always be allowed, too.

It does my heart good to witness the winds of change turning our country around.  See what even one day of prayer can do?  Even though this plague is horrifying, our powerful God can stop it in its tracks if we humble ourselves enough to ask Him.

We do ask, LORD.  We need Your help, Father.  Remember us in our hour of fear, death, and darkness.  Please forgive our transgressions and heal our land.  Indeed, the whole world looks to You for rescue.  Help us to trust You!  We pray for courage and strength for those in health service; for healing for those enduring illness and for comfort to those who have lost loved ones to this pandemic.  Give wisdom to our leaders and let no one near them who may give false counsel against Your Will for our people.  Shower them with Your wisdom and loving kindness toward others now and in the future.  In the Name of Jesus, Our Blessed Redeemer, thank You for what Jesus did on the cross as we remember His resurrection from death for our sins this Easter Sunday.   THANK YOU, JESUS – AMEN!

Don’t think I throw science in the pit.  No no.  A cure is beyond our reach at this time, but science is working on it.  In the meantime, I am like our president and governor.  I believe in bringing ALL of our God-given resources together to do battle against this microscopic enemy.

I also hope that Prayer Days are the new normal around here.

Happy Resurrection Day Coming Up!  Jesus is Risen!  HE’S ALIVE!  HALLELUJAH!!!

© Canstock Photo / Vlue

Link to the Alaska Governor Dunleavy’s proclamation for Prayer Day




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