Hi! My name is Sherron and I live a quiet life in Kenai, Alaska.  God has graced me with two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren who are my heart’s delight.  I enjoy taking pictures but my photos are just amateur quality.  Summers here are brief, long on daylight, and crazy.  Visitors usually find me outside gardening.

I gave my life to Christ at the age of eight.  My walk with Him can be described simply as me falling down and Jesus picking me up.  I thank and praise Him for His grace, love, and for granting me with longevity, though I have never been deserving – a believer, yes.  Salt and light?  No, I fall short.

I was raised in a Christian home by parents who took their parenting job seriously. They lived a pioneer lifestyle as Alaskans and taught my brother and me the most important stuff about life straight out of The Good Book.

Dad's New Testament
Dad’s New Testament

They were strict, but fair, and showered us with love.  I am forever grateful to them for my wonderful childhood and for their loyal devotion.

During my teens my dad became a pilot and we spent lots of family time flying around Alaska with him on hunting and fishing trips.  SAMSUNGGradually I became an adventure junkie until my youth was spent.  Months and even years went by that I did not even read my Bible and fell further from God.  No wonder – I was following my own pursuits.  But God has His way of getting my attention, and our relationship is much closer now.  Thank you, Lord!

My personal stories might be a bit entertaining, but frankly, they pale by comparison to those recorded in God’s Word.  From the Book of Genesis to Revelation, I am continually spellbound by the stories of Noah and the flood; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt; the stories of Queen Esther and Ruth; and numerous judges, kings, and prophets – the most amazing Book ever written, and totally about Jesus from start to finish.  The Bible is God’s love letter to us that must be shared.  It is the Good News Gospel that is always fresh.  It celebrates deliverance from the evils of a broken world and points the way to life everlasting in one Savior, my Jesus.

My commitment to Him is to share His Word with visitors to this site.  My commitment to readers?  It has to be the same.  God’s Word is the most important stuff I could ever blog about.

“The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” ~ Psalms 12:6 KJV

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