Will a mere mortal rob God?

This is so hard for some. How difficult is it to trust in our Creator, God Almighty , to provide for us?  After all, He has already given us air to breathe; water to drink, bathe, and recreate in; delightful food and taste buds to enjoy even the mundane routine of daily nourishment.

He gave us beauty in the sunrise, the bejewelled planet of the solar system as our home, the sunset, and cool breezes.  We share earth with the plants and animals, and He gave us families, the ability to create art, cities, and most importantly, He gave us our own free will to follow Jesus to obtain eternal life.  God is truly holy and only desires good for mankind.  He hates evil in every form.

Is our nation cursed because we are robbing God?  God doesn’t change, according to His Word.  Our nation needs wise leaders who follow God’s precepts and laws.  Our people must return to faith in the One True God, Jehovah and trust in His Son, Jesus, with a true heart.

Yet, there is always that nagging fear that our needs will not be met unless we maintain constant, fretful control of every detail of our lives.  I have heard, “Let go and let God.” Today I am trying to simply trust Him for the details while I just breathe in and out. Forgive me Lord, for all the times that I have robbed You!  I surrender it all to you in praise and thanks for it all belongs to you.  Turn America again to you, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

New International Version (NIV)

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