Is God Calling You?


If God is calling you, He will open the doors.  You can trust that He has already prepared the way.  For one thing, He does not need your money, status, or anything but your willingness to serve Him.  That is what gives Him glory!

I have felt called by God to do certain things when “doors” have suddenly opened, yet as soon as I prepare to walk through those doors, they immediately slam shut!  I was so disappointed and frustrated until I realized that God was teaching me something.

The lesson for me was: It was only necessary for me to be willing to answer His call!  Our Heavenly Father wants to know if we will show up for work!

He later opened new doors of opportunity and allowed me to serve Him.  My new assignments were His most perfect plan for me.

Have you ever experienced God’s call?  Have you been willing?  Can He count on you to show up for work?