Important Stuff Includes Important Links

I am a follower of Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministry, and subscribe to her “Understanding the Times” e-newsletter.  Her recent article, “An Open Door Closes”, may not surprise most readers; but may be very shocking to some.

Excerpt from Jan’s article:

We are now in the days of 2 Peter 3:3: The mocking and scoffing generation as to end-time events. We are in a time when Israel has been so maligned that even within evangelicalism, she is seen as an “apartheid occupier” more than God’s Chosen People. Anti-Israel sentiment is global. Anti-Semitism is raging. Entire denominations are engaging in the Boycott, Divest, Sanction Movement that harms Israel economically.
If I were to still make my living by visiting churches across America tapping into these very same topics, I would be out of business.  ~ Jan Markell

I do not feel qualified to critique her article, but I encourage anyone interested in end times prophesy to subscribe to her ministry’s newsletter.  It has given me many spiritual insights to understanding our tumultuous times this past year.

Please click if you are interested in reading more of her article titled, “An Open Door Closes”.

Thank you for following and God bless you.