Vain Philosophies | A Reprobate Mind

” We’re at a point where our theology is now being based on our philosophy instead of being based upon the scripture(s).”   ~ John Paul Jackson

Read Romans 1: 18-32

This video pretty much nails it for what I see happening in America today.  As individuals and as a nation, we need to listen to God’s warning about holding truth in unrighteousness.  To me that means calling good bad and bad good even when you know the difference.  It also means those who accept such lawlessness are just as guilty in God’s sight as those who have turned away from God.

Being influenced by vain philosophies instead of God’s Word therefore leads to what God Himself calls a reprobate mind in verse 28 of this passage of scripture.  We currently see a hate culture effect in our country instead of a love-thy-neighbor culture which Jesus commanded us to embrace.

There is hope in repentance, however.  As we wind up the year 2019, let’s pray for each other to come out of darkness with all of its false teachings.


Heavenly Father, we repent of our back-slidden ways and vain philosophies of man that have absolutely no validity by Your written Word.  LORD do not let us continue on our path of destructive hate and lawlessness that divides and dooms us to a reprobate mind.  We give You glory and thank you for Your Holy Spirit that guides, comforts, and corrects.  We believe and receive your Truth, the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ into our hearts and minds.  Amen!

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