July is a Crazy Month


July is almost over.  Hard to believe…  Where did the time go?  July is a crazy month here in Alaska.  The salmon are in and everyone goes fishing.  Everyone except me.  I’m in the garden …

Yes, between fishing and gardening, many Alaskans are busy harvesting something this month.  It is the way most of us subsist here.  We live our seasons by God’s provision.  After summer comes Fall hunting season.  A moose in the freezer is more meat for the winter.

And winter is very long here … and very dark.

But I don’t want to think about that in July.  We have extra-long days in the summer and I am so thankful to God for that.  Darkness is not for me, even though I have spent much of my life in the darkness of winter living here.  I won’t say how long; but trust me … long time.

So what happened this month?

  • Well, the entire state has been peppered with wildfires caused by lightning strikes during a stormy spell we had back in June. Some of you may have heard about our Swan Lake Fire on the Kenai Peninsula.  Over 102,000 acres burned and it’s still going.  God has blessed us with a few days of rain, so that fire is slowing down a lot.
  • We got to celebrate Independence Day. That always makes me happy.  I love my country!  How can anyone not enjoy freedom?2019FLAG
  • We had record breaking hot temps this month. I am not complaining.  Sunshine is my friend.
  • I broke off my 20 year link to satellite TV this month for good. Praise the LORD!  I haven’t missed it a bit.
  • God provided as He always does. Thank you, LORD!!!
  • My mom suffered a health set-back this month and miraculously she is back in her greenhouse again, doing her gardening – another praise report on the greatness of our God!!
  • Got Mom’s shed cleaned out – at least the bottom half. Been dreading that for two years, but like most things, it was actually fun instead of a chore.  I found a few treasures in there that Mom had forgotten about, but she smiled when I showed them to her.  Here is a cute one. Alaskan Planter

So what is yet to happen yet this month?

God knows, but hoping to get the pickup air conditioning fixed; and looking forward to seeing my granddaughter on the very last day of July.  She is traveling all the way from Texas and said she will try very hard to make it here for a brief visit.  I told her I am grateful for any chance to see her, however short.  I live one day/hour at a time anyway.

THANK YOU LORD!!! And I pray for her safety while traveling.

Now that doesn’t sound like such a crazy month after all.  It’s been beautiful, sunny, and … well, the Fireweed is blooming like crazy. Fireweed on the Bluff


I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 3:14 NIV

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