Random Ramblings: December 23, 2017

Sometimes the holiday excitement gets a bit weird. I prefer the old fashioned Christmas message told straight up.

Life Project Blog

Season’s Greetings to One and All!

You may have noticed recently that like many other bloggers I’ve been on a holiday break the last few days, and I wanted to let you know that this will continue over the coming week as well. She Who Must Be Obeyed has informed me that we will be on the road over the next week visiting locations in multiple states for the holidays…

That takes care of the general ‘housekeeping’; there is a matter of urgency I wanted to mention:

You’re not going to believe this, but yesterday morning I was listening to the news on the radio and I heard that there is going to be a local event today (December 23) in a certain town. I don’t recall what the event was, sadly, because my mind was blown at the way they gave the date. Did they say “Saturday” or the…

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