God Keep Our Land

Sound familiar? Reblogging what George Goetz wrote three years ago. Christians are praying for godly U.S. leadership daily. Let’s pray for our great Canadian neighbor nation as well.


God Keep Our Land

Recently, as I heard our Canadian National Anthem being sung while getting settled to watch some of the hockey games on TV, I was overwhelmed by one of the lines that I have heard and sung often, but these two recent times the words brought tears that were much more than patriotism.

This particular line is “God keep our land glorious and free”. Do we really mean that when we think, sing, or say it? If we do, we need to do more than repeat these words whenever the National Anthem is sung. Our country of Canada is slipping further away from Godly principles and truths continually. It is not just the recent Senate scandal, and who knows if the truth will ever be known and the situation rectified, but our government has passed laws that are totally against Biblical principles.
If the majority of elected…

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